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Did you know that about 60-70% of the world’s population suffer from headaches.
Did you know that there are 276 kinds of headaches.
90 percent of headaches called headache primary (Primary Headache), this type of headache is a disease in itself and is not an offer for another disease.It is caused by physiological or switches the function of the blood vessels, the brain’s pain centers and their organic chemical changes leading to the patient feeling pain.
Primary Headache
  • Post-traumatic stress headaches Tension Headache
It is most prevalent where the catch of 40-60% of patients with headache is caused by muscle contractions in the tensions of the scalp, neck and back and appears on the form feeling of tightening or pressure from weak to moderate force in several places of the head, especially in the rear.
  • Headaches migraine Migraine Headache
There was never such a sense of proximity or so-called aura is a change or temporary changes accompanied by numbness or heaviness in or speech disorder may continue this period of 30-60 minutes and follows the real headache is migraine-type sometimes accompanied by nausea or vomiting, the patient should avoid light and noise.
  • Cluster headaches Cluster Headache
This relatively rare occurrence and incidence among men in the prime of life, especially smoking.
And this kind more consecutive bouts often share the same side of the head accompanied by redness of the eyes, as well as nominated for the nose and the kind of intensity and not respond to painkillers known.
  • Heachaches Drug Overused Headache
This type produces the common use of analgesics by patients suffering from headache types listed above vary nature of pain from other types in that it often affects the entire head with a compressor or tug is this form of chronic headaches.
Secondary Headache secondary headaches
It constitutes about 10% of all headaches arise from many different causes for example headache caused by meningitis or cancerous tumors as well as thrombosis or cerebral bleeding, sinusitis, the sudden rise of internal pressure of the eye as well as the Castle or the astigmatism and dental problems and many other reasons.
By diagnosis and determine the reasons why
For this reason, these types of headaches should identify the type and cause headaches accurately so requires:
  • The history and evolution of the disease.
Clinical detection of central nervous system and peripheral by the consultant of Neurology.
  • Action plan for the brain EEg.
  • Head CT procedures such as CT (CT-Scan) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which can show the brain tissue and functional and pathological changes.
In addition to laboratory tests if necessary.
Treatment methods
Different ways to treat headaches in the case of secondary headaches with causes in such cases is the direct causes which led to headaches.
As for the primary headaches vary depending on the type of headache treatments and therapies can be summarized as follows:
  • Instantaneous or simultaneous treatment when a spell, many available medicines and better deal with the doctor’s prescription.
  • Preventive treatment and regularly for a certain period of time to reduce the number of seizures.
Tips and guidelines for patients with headache
  • Take enough sleep and sleep and waking hours.
  • Regular meals and the adoption of appropriate quantity and quality.
  • Relaxation exercises from time to time.
  • Do not delay in taking medications prescribed by a physician.
  • No excessive use of sedatives.
  • Avoid stress and noise as well as emotions and mental tensions.
  • Consult your doctor, especially when a significant change in the nature and degree of headache.
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