Friday, January 30, 2015

Tube and Coupler Scaffolds

A tube and coupler scaffold has a platform(s) supported by tubing, and is erected with coupling devices connecting uprights, braces, bearers, and runners (see Fig. 1). Due to their strength, these scaffolds are frequently used where heavy loads need to be carried, or where multiple platforms
must reach several stories high. These scaffolds can be assembled in multiple directions, making them the preferred option for work surfaces with irregular dimensions and/or contours.


When Erecting a Scaffold

  • Use footings that are level, sound, rigid and capable of supporting the load without settlement or displacement.
  • Plumb and brace poles, legs, posts, frames, and uprights to prevent swaying and displacement.
  • Position the first level of bracing as close to the base as possible.
  • Plumb and level the scaffold as it is being erected.
  • Fasten all couplers and/or connections securely before assembling the next level.
  • Install guys, ties, and braces according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Do not intermix scaffold components from different manufacturers, unless you can do so while maintaining the scaffold’s structural integrity.
  • When platform units are abutted together to create a long platform, each abutted end must rest on a separate support surface.
  • Once erected, provide toe boards on all railed sides to prevent falling object hazards.
  • Employees must not work on platforms covered with snow, ice, or other slippery material.
  • The employer must provide suitable access to and between scaffolds, such as portable ladders, hook-  on ladders, attachable ladders and stairway-type ladders.

When Dismantling a Scaffold

When Dismantling a Scaffold Check to ensure that the scaffold has not been structurally altered in a way which would make it unsafe. Before beginning dismantling
procedures, reconstruct and/or stabilize the scaffold as necessary.

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