About Us

Hai I am Lalji Jagadeesh and I am an Occupational Health and Safety Engineer & Management Representative for IMS (ISO 14001 : 2004 & BS OHSAS 18001:2007)  I am very much interested in blogging about anything related to my core field HSE.

This blog is created with an aim to give some useful information, guidance, reference or help for the studies of students and employees like me. In this blog I tried to add each post only after repeated searches in different search engines and concerned sites so that the explanation posted by me is correct, easily understood and to the point. I am not stating that all the post that is made in this blog is written by me. 

What the procedure I have followed is that first I have selected one topic and then searched it in the internet, then found the apt one among the results and as a final step I used to make some changes in the format and then finally published the post. You can find each articles' source webpage address at the bottom of each post.

All the contents in the blog are available free for all the visitors and you all have the right to copy the contents for your purposes.

The main feature of this blog is that it have an exclusive 'ASK ME' section where you can shoot out the questions and doubts. The answers for those will be mailed to your email address within 24* hours. 

Your valuable comments and suggestions about this blog is always welcome. Thanking you.

Lalji Jagadeesh