Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Dear all,

One of the client having a urgent requirement for a FIRE FIGHTER/ FIRE TECHNICIAN for Qatar.
Experience required : 2 to 3 years, Degree/Diploma freshers with diploma in fire and Safety.

Interested candidates contact : 0091 7708699536, 0091 9176089284

Article Source : World Wide Health & Safety Professionals Online (W.W.H.S.P.O)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Project HSE Manager Required- Oil & Gas - Kuwait

Project HSE Manager- Oil & Gas - Kuwait

One of the client is looking for a Project HSE Manager for the FEED, construction and commissioning of a major onshore project in Kuwait. The scope of the work involves the construction and upgrade of petrochemical facilities in the country. Must have an MSc or BSc in an Engineering discipline.

The suitable candidate will have the following/experience:

*       Major Project HSE Management Experience
*       PMC project experience
*       Experience developing HSE MS
*       Experience managing multiple simultaneous projects
*       Fluent in English

The client is offering:

*       $19k all in (net) per month
*       Company Car
*       5 Years of Work
*       Family status
*       Return flight
*       Starting ASAP

Contact Details:  Finlay Glanvill, Vivid Resourcing Ltd
T:- 0207 324 1910
F:- 0207 324 1911
E:- finlay.glanvill@vividresourcing.com

Article Source : www.vividresourcing.com

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tips for Safe Pilgrim " Haj" Journey

8 Tips for a Safe Hajj "Pilgrim"

1. Know the Emergency Evacuation Plan
Hajj activities are  like any crowded affairs such as conventions and exhibitions a good way to assure your safety in case of emergency is avoiding to panic and able to retrieve the right actions to maximize loss prevention. You can retrieve that information from organizers and Hotel staff.

2. Boost Your Immunity 
This process start at least a month prior to Haj journey by eating healthy, avoiding junk and high in sugar food you will be able to fight viruses and bacterial infections which are usually a common symptom among pilgrims. You should also consider vitamin supplements give your doctor a visit and will advise you with list of prescriptions for your health journey. 

3.  Commute in Groups
Getting lost is one of the top safety concerns during Hajj, simple steps can reduce the potential marginally which are always have company, inform organizers of your destination and expected time of arrival. Since Smart phones can not be carried with pilgrams in all times it is wise to carry hotel card with you to find your way back in case you got lost.

4.  Wear Ventilation Masks
Pilagrams come from across the globe with Ebola being a rising concern in Africa , it is only wise to put on the ventilation mask when undertaking activities in crowded areas, you should also bare in mind that those masks are disposables and usually have less than 12 hours validity so take that in to consideration during your usage periods and stock up with the proper amounts depending on the nature of your activity.

5.  Locate Nearest Clinic
Medical emergencies might happen at any time of your journey  knowing the routes of nearest medical center can help save lives. Since Hajj demands change in location in a limited period of time its advised to ask officials of the best way to get medical help once needed in all parts of your journey.

6. Get Proper Rest
The best way to keep safe is by giving your body the rest it needs to carry on functioning well. if you are sleep deprived you more likely to lose your way, get injured using unfamiliar equipment and also effects your immune system ability to fight and secure the health of your body. At least 6 hours of sleep per day would be optimal to maintain Hajj requirements and your overall safety.

7. Carry Multiple First Aid Kit
With minimal clothing, rocky roads and open  areas chances of getting injured, insect bites or even a headache are high. An emergency kit would save you alot of trouble specially when you are not able to reach a clinic to get some proper medical assistance. It would be wise to have a First Aid Kit in your accommodation and carry on as well

8. Identify a First Aid-er
In every Pilgrim group there is an assigned medical staff to assist the members in case of an emergency it is important to be in contact with the medical staff to be your additional source of aid once needed.

Article Source; RCC Middle east

CSB Video: Hazards of Nitrogen Asphyxiation

Hazards of Nitrogen Asphyxiation: Safety Video 

CSB Safety Video: Half an Hour to Tragedy:

Propane Gas Explosion in Ghent, West Virginia on January 30, 2007 at 10: 53 AM